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Japanese-inspired Bathroom set "Biwa" : 10 new meshes

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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2007 at 2:06 PM
Hi all!

To continue my Japanese-inspired collection, I have created a bathroom set called "Biwa":

It contains 10 new meshes.
A bath tub, a sink , a mirror, a toilet and a decorative toilet paper holder:

Three decorative items:
A bench, a trash can, a wall shelf:

A floor lamp and a window ( straight and diagonal walls):

You can find my kitchen set here: http://www.modthesims2.com/member/s...ad.php?t=256665
and my bedroom set here:

I hope you will like this bathroom set as you have apreciated the two other sets!


*Do not post my creations to the exchange!
*Recolor my meshes is allowed (free only) but please link back to my post for original meshes.
Do not include my meshes with your recolor zip files.
*Including in a house lot is allowed (free only) with credits and link.
*And please forgive my bad english, it's not my native language

Polygon Counts:

Bath tub/ 1672
Bench/ 1935
Shelf/ 796
Floor Lamp/ 732
Mirror/ 170
Sink/ 2698
Toilet/ 880
T Paper Holder/ 194
Trash can/ 30
Windows/ 1188

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Nono & Nono who asked me to create this set.
(Other objects by them here http://toto-et-nono.com/ under Collection/Mitsouko house matching with the kitchen and the bathroom sets)

Created with Blender, the Gimp, UV Mapper and SimPE