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Holiday Mini Cakes.

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2007 at 11:17 PM
These Holiday Minis were originaly created by Mdhttr323 located here
Antique Bakery Set

They are part of a beautifully done non animated set of decorative foods
created for the display cases in wich we were glad to animate
for your sims to enjoy baking and eating them.

We originaly created this set months back but did not like how they turned out
plus we did not like how they were animated so never released them,
Recently we asked for permission to do some of Mdhttrs foods again,
this time we animated the cakes with the layered cake while making new eat and serve plates.

We also decided to make them holiday cakes as it seemed more appropriate to do so.

Set 1 as pictured:
Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Cream, & Chocolate.
This set comes with the brown eat and serve plate pictured with the Gingerbreadman,
you will find the serve & eat plates with the vanilla cream folder.

Set 2 as pictured:
Velvet, Wintery Mint & Ruby Red.
This set comes with the green eat and serve plate pictured with the holy branch,
you will find the serve & eat plates with the mint folder.

Note: You must have the corresponding plates for each set of mini cakes to work in the game

These two sets work with all expansions and all fridge options
Known Glitch's: unfortunaly i cannot get the "Call to meal" option to work with the custom plates
also the cake piece on the second eat stage sits in reverse, this is a maxis fault as nothing i can do seems to correct it?

Additional Credits:
Mdhttr323 for the original mesh and allowing me to animate them
please give a thank you to mdhttr for allowing us to make them editable.