UPD-Animated Infant/Toddler Swing - W/option to serve new foods - Testers Needed

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Uploaded: 19th Nov 2007 at 8:34 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2014 at 6:52 AM - Update
Update January 15, 2009 - Added version for Apartment Life for the swing that allows for my new foods.

I've re-meshed the chair portion of the swing.

Now textures are pulled from the EA Highchair, any recolors you have for the original Highchair will automatically work for these.

I have also updated the base game version. This version should work with any Expansion or Stuff Pack combination you have except for Apartment Life. I have tested it with base game only installed and it works great.

Please be sure to only download the version you need and delete my old version or you will have a conflict.

Update 07/01/2008: Fixed Corn Soup and Care Bear Bowl to work properly, and added my Plum Pudding.

Updated 04/25/2008: Fixed the stack underflow issue and the pie option no longer finds all ages for placing in the swing. It now only finds infants and toddlers.

Updated Corn Soup for non American Version: I found the default language button was not clicked for the description.

Because so many have reported problems with the rar file I have posted a zip format. Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

Update November 20, 2007: I've posted a new version of the BecksAnimatedBabySwing.rar for those that are having problems downloading. I didn't have a problem when I tried to download it but just incase. If any of you still have problems please let me know and I'll try a zip format. I've also added a little more code in the file I replaced.

It's been awhile since I've posted anything because this one took me quite awhile to learn the animations and then to apply what I've learned. My Infant/Toddler Swing is currently my top download, so I'm hoping those that have enjoyed it will enjoy this version even more.

I believe this should be compatible with the base game or any EP combination. If anyone finds that it's not please report it in this thread.

The swing in found under General/Child for $175. Toddlers/Infants gain fun and a very small amount of energy. Approx. the same amount per hour that the game decrease the energy. So you won't really notice much improvement on the energy but it should not decrease while they swing.

I used the repository technique to pull textures from the maxis crib. I had intended to lay the textures out differently but created the animation before I did my final layout. To change the layout I would have to recreate the animations, this would require at least another day of work, and I was anxious to get this posted. So hopefully you won't find the texture layout too bad. If a lot of you really hate the textures I will consider updating.

I've been working with Simotized to create an option for new foods for toddlers to eat. I have managed to finally get this working with the swing. Simotized has created Cheerios that I believe she will post sometime soon at MTS2. I've created Corn Soup with a Care Bears Bowl. To use these new foods you have to click on the Refrigiator to find them. Please see photo. You do not need the new food for the swing, but you do need the swing to use the new foods.

When placed in the swing the swing will start to swing until the toddler/infant is removed. I've added an option to stop the swing just as a safe guard. To stop it just click on the swing and selects stop swing.

When used with infants the adults will hold the infant behind their back once the infant is placed on the floor the infant will return to normal. This works the same as my other infant items, I am very limited in the things I can do with infants at this time. I'm trying to give the infants a few more options other than to lay around on the floor. If you don't like this please don't download.

Old Version animations are the same:
Place in Swing

New Version:


Note: If you have problems with the food working. I've posting a version of the swing that does not include the new foods option. Please download the file: BecksAnimatedBabySwingNoFood.rar.

Additional Credits:
Credits to: All that help make this possible. SimPE creators, CEP creators, Peter & Inge Jones for the PJSE SimPE plugin, this site, Stephen Cox creator of UVMapper, and creators of MilkShape. Echo who has taught me more than anyone and I highly recommend her tutorials found at MTS2. Wes_h for his animation plugins and his detailed answers to my questions.

I also want to thanks Simotized for the idea of creating new toddler foods and for working with me on this project.

If you like this item please take time to rate, comment and click the thanks button. If you really like it please add it to your favorites.

Note this is not a simple mesh item. It is actually a mod which may not work if you add new expansions, because my code may conflict with the code within a new expansion and or update released by EA.

Please let me know when you find my items no longer work for you.