*Update* Fire Service Career w/ Fire Engine

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2007 at 11:10 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2011 at 5:46 PM by whiterider
12/17- Update- It has been driving me crazy that with the fire service career I could not get the fire engine to pick you up for work. While the package was up for testing I have been working on it and the fire engine will now pick you up for job levels 1,2,4, and 5. I have not received any problems from the testers on the pre-release testing so I am going to call this one tested. If any problems do come up please let me know. If you had previously installed the package you will need to replace the fireservicecareer.package and add the fireenginevehicle.package. Enjoy.

Attached a new fire service career. I know there are a couple of others up, but I have checked and my chance cards are much different. This career also includes two repaints of Maxis carpool vehicles (see attached pics), uniforms, and a repainted object as the reward. It also includes custom icons. One note, I only have chance cards for the first nine levels. I tried to make everything base game compatible, including the vehicles. All items are recolors of Maxis items. Below is the description. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Name of career: Fire Service
Type: Adult Only
Status: Pre-release
Reward: Recolor of pinball machine

Career Adult: 0x003F5500

Overwrites a base career? No
Pre-EP compliant: Yes
EP1 Compliant: Yes
EP1 Required: No
Languages:All Languages are enabled and are in English.
Chance cards for first 9 levels

Includes uniforms, reward object, and two recolored vehicles with own GUID

Number of Levels: 10

01 Firefighter Recruit
You really needed a job and since your favorite television show was Simergency!, you decided that firefighting would be the career for you. Unfortunately, you will have to pay your dues first by cleaning everything, cooking, and making coffee. Work hard and then you will be able to see some real action.

3 Days $199 per Day Uniform NPC Firefighter

02 Firefighter
You finally moved up from recruit and hopefully there are not too many fire calls so you can perfect your Firehouse Chili. Don't eat too much. You need to stay in shape or you will not be able to keep up when carrying hose and climbing stairs.

4 Days $308 per Day Uniform NPC Firefighter

03 HazMat Technician
Finally, a much deserved pay raise. You deserve it since you now have to deal with mysterious substances. At least you get to play with cool tools to figure out what they are. Make sure you get your rest between calls. Walking around in that level A Suit takes a lot out of you.

3 Days $460 per Day Uniform Recolor of paramedic uniform

04 Driver/Operator
Ahh, you are finally in the driver's seat now. All that time riding in the engine and now it is your chance to show them what you've got. Just remember to watch the road or you will be buying a new fire engine.

4 Days $530 per Day Uniform Recolor of maxis t-shirt(male and workout female)

05 Lieutenant
You have just been promoted to Lieutenant and not a moment too soon since you kept backing into things with the truck. Now it is you problem when things start to go wrong. Keep the crew in line without letting the power go to your head and you can move up to Captain.

4 Days $615 per Day Uniform Recolor of maxis blue police

06 Captain

Thank goodness you became a Captain because you really can not spell Lieutenant. You not only need brains to succeed, but also a little bit of charisma. Keep working on balancing those skills and you will be moving up.

5 Days $725 per Day Uniform Recolor of maxis blue police

07 Battalion Chief

Well you finally get to wear that white shirt. You are really going to miss riding in the fire engine though. You are getting closer to the top now. You are going to think fast on your feet and be creative to move up.

4 Days $856 per Day Uniform Recolor of maxis white police

08 Assistant Fire Chief

You are the Chief's number one person now. It has its advantages, but not when the crew is driving him crazy. You need to help keep the crew in shape and make sure the Chief is happy. Not an easy task, but if you can pull it off you may be the next Fire Chief.

3 Days $979 per Day Uniform Recolor of maxis white police

09 Fire Chief

Finally you are the boss, or so you think. You have moved up to Chief. Instead of doing what you want, you are spending all your time doing paperwork and trying to keep everyone happy. You are starting to miss being in the trenches, but knowing that you have a great crew working for you makes up for it.

4 Days $1459 per Day Uniform Recolor of maxis military uniform

10 Fire Commissioner
You are no longer at the fire station, but will need all your years of training for this job. Now it is you chance to use your experience to make sure all the departments have the tools and training needed to do their jobs. Hopefully you can be the one to cut through the red tape and make it happen.

Sample chance card: It is fire prevention week and $Me has been asked to help put on a show for 100 first graders at the local school. Since $Me is the newest person at the station, $Me does not have much of a choice of roles. $Me has been asked to dress as Barky, the fire Dalmatian. $Me will have to walk around in a hot suit all day. One of the Firefighters has offered to trade and let $Me run Frankie, the remote control fire engine in exchange for $Me taking over his night to cook dinner. Should $Me dress as the dog or control the fire engine?

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Psion, Superfly, Vagrant, SimPE, and all of the other info on Modthesims2.