Super Recliner By Wil25000(Updated)

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2008 at 1:27 PM
Updated: 22nd Jan 2008 at 9:21 AM
Helloo again Guys,Maybe some of you guys want fill your sims comfort or energy motive more faster.
Now I present you my "Super Recliner".This recliner can fill your sims comfort or energy motive more faster.It will max in 20 seconds.Now I use Don again as example:



Thanks to rebecah,without her tutorial I can't do this amazing recliner.
*****Good news is this recliner is have no problem,The problem like replace original already fixed,If you already download,please download it again,But if you get some problem,Please tell me.
*****Bad news is when you play and try to buy this recliner,Well I'm very sorry,I make it too expensive.So if you not have enough money,I suggest you to use cheat "Motherlode" or "familyfunds"
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