Summer Leaves Fantasy Outfit!

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Uploaded: 9th Feb 2008 at 4:02 AM
Updated: 27th Feb 2017 at 5:24 AM - Update
UPDATE 27/02/2017

I re-downloaded these and tested them in a new installation of the game.
  • The outfit does not require a mesh and shows up fine in-game (probably uses a base game mesh, like a swimsuit ?)
  • You will need the mesh for the wings to show up, however. You can get it from here. It's the second item on the page.

XM Sims seems to have cut down some of its content in the fantasy catalogue, hence the reason for the broken link. Since you can still download the Wing mesh from their site, I will not include it in the package. I have made a back-up of their mesh, however, in case it ever gets removed.


Greetings to the Sim community!

This is my first upload of any sim-related content ever! But you've probably already heard that a million times!

It is a recolor of both the leaf-outfit and the leaf-wings originally created by Flora of XM Sims.

[Removed paragraph with inaccurate/outdated info].

I have created a vivid green and yellow recolor for your happy summer nymphs, fairies, elves or any other creature you might choose. The outfit is young adult\adult everyday and the wings are under glasses for ages teen to elder! Enjoy!

Known Issues: If your wings turn a flickering blue right after the CAS screen or after loading the game, access a mirror\change your appearance and deselect then select the wings again and click ok. This should fix it. Also try redownloading\reinstalling the mesh.

Other Custom Content

My model is using:

SKIN: Pixie Game from Pixie Multitude Pack by Enayla
HAIR: XMS Flora Hair013 blondegold
EYES: Chatreuse from EyeLove Pack by Yumedust
EYESHADOW: Microfilm from Eyelights Pack by bruno
EYELASHES: Promesse from Eyelashes 101 Pack by bruno
LIPSTICK: Sheer Lipstick by Bybu

Thanks to the artists for their beautiful creations!!!
Credit for the meshes goes to Flora and XM Sims

Anima Russa