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Mahjong Table/Chair Completer Set (White, Cream, Blond, Light Blond and Antique Fawn)

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Uploaded: 18th May 2008 at 8:52 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 7:36 PM
This is a huge mahjong table/chair set that is designed to complete my earlier dark and light wood mahjong table/chair set. This set gives you mahjong tables, chairs, and Ming dining tables in the following colors:

wood -
lighter blond
antique fawn

leather -
lighter blond

A few sample closeup pictures:

(See below for pictures showing more color combinations.)

In addition, this set also includes the dark wood and lighter wood mahjong tables/chairs in white, cream, tan, and lighter blond leather colors, so that all tables and chairs will be available in all colors, if my two sets are combined.

As a bonus, I have added a few Victorian style end tables in matching color tones (blond and lighter blond end tables are not included).

** To complete this set, please also see my "Dark and Lighter Wood Mahjong Table/Chair Sets - in Red, Blue, Emerald, and Cream" and my ""Mix n' Match" Mahjong-Matching Carved Card (Poker) Tables."**

NOTE: These sets require the use of Havelock's gold tile (game pieces) override, which is included in the downloads. This override MUST be in your downloads folder in order for the game pieces to be gold, as pictured. If the override is not used, the game pieces will be the original Maxis/EA blue.

The sets show up in the catalog as normal recolors of the mahjong table, Ming chair, and Ming dining table.

If you want to recolor the mahjong table, please download the earlier set, which includes the darkwood red mahjong table clone. It is the only mahjong table that allows for recoloring. You may recolor that mahjong table (please read the instructions in my earlier set), and you may use any of my textures as a base for your own recolors. My earlier set includes a download of textures and templates. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
A special thank you to Havelock for his gold tile (game pieces) override, to Numenor for the CEP, and to Quaxi, et al, for SimPE.