A Collection of Six Vampire Hacks

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2008 at 1:45 AM
Updated: 7th Jun 2008 at 8:49 PM
VampireTownieMax100 - Up to 100 townies can be vampires. Originally there is a limit so only 10 or so townies can be vampires.

VampireHungerUpByBite - It was made by request, it's very simple hack and it works in this way. If a vampire bites a normal sim, that vampire's hunger motive will be rising. (No need to eat ramen, please refer to the pictures.)

* VampireHungerUpByBiteNoEnergyDown - Requested. It's similar with "VampireHungerUpByBite", but victims won't lose energy motive. Please download only one among these two "HungerUpByBite" series.

VampireNoSpecialSkinAndOutfit - Vampire's won't wear their special skins and outfits. I don't like their strange outfit and pale blue skin, so I just made it. But it can be confusing sometimes because all look like normal and you can tell who's vampire easily. This isn't applied to the existing vampires. (You need to cure them first)

VampireNoTransformToVampire - Sims won't be vampires by bite.

VampireFamilyVampireOnly - Only family members can be vampires by bite.

VampireAlwaysAcceptBite - Sims will always allow vampires to bite them. They won't reject.


1. All six hacks don't depend on each other. Please select what to use by your taste.
2. You will need Nightlife expansion pack to use these hacks.