Easy Call Multiphone

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2008 at 2:54 AM
Easy Call Multiphone, is a phone which provides multiple phone lines to your lot.

Originally in TS2, you can have only one phone line for your lot. So you cannot call several sims simultaneously. But this phone makes it possible.

For an example, it's possible that Darren calls Cassandra and Darren's son calls Pleasant's daughter simultaneously.

Easy Call.../Easy Call: Call sims you know. Sims will receive calls even at midnight.
Easy Call.../Power Call: Call any sim in the neighborhood.
Easy Call.../Power Invite: Sims will always accept invitation.
Easy Call.../Auto Call: Automatically choose a collee and make a call.

1. This phone isn't classified as a phone (to secure multi phone line feature). So it doesn't support some phone call menus like "Service". It's not a bug but intended, and I don't plan to add those phone call menus. If you need them, you can simply buy a Maxis phone additionally.
2. Because this phone isn't classified as a phone, you can not call a sim who only has a Easy Phone, using a Maxis phone. You can simply buy an Easy Phone and call him.