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The Big Collection of Flesh Plugs!

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2008 at 11:00 PM
Updated: 27th Aug 2008 at 10:36 PM
Hey everyone!

As requested, here are some more flesh plugs. They require no mesh or expansionpack since it's a "mask". The plugs will work for teen-agers and up, so if your Sims are looking a bit too casual it's time to stretch their earlobes! Why not start here by downloading "The Big Collection of Flesh Plugs", there is something for every taste.
Let me explain a bit about which flesh plugs there's included in the collection:

1. Steel plug with cross.
2. Silicone plug with leopard print.
3. Polished wood.
4. Red buffalo horn with a white star.
5. Black buffalo horn with crystals and an ace.
6. Turquoise glass plug.
7. Zebra stribed plastic plug.
8. A skull with an eyepatch.
9. Plastic plug with a yin & yan motive.
10. Cherries!
11. Pink glitter silicone plug with a black star.
12. Cross-shaped steel plug.

I hope everyone got what they wished for! If not, then just PM me, or make a reply to this post, telling me what you are missing.