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FIX / DEFAULT REPLACE af wide jeans + untuckable + maternity

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2008 at 8:28 PM
Updated: 19th Dec 2010 at 3:34 AM
update Apr 05 2009 - added shadows to the untucked recolors at the shirt edge, please redownload recolors
update Mar 23 2009 - added a pregnancy morph, see picture in thread
The pregnant pants fit with HP's untuckable top, not with the_mystical_one's pregnant tops, those use a different shape than HP


The Nightlife wide jeans for women had a messed up waist.
I made a default replacement that fixes it. Won't break any recolors.
(Want this for teens? Wojtek0 made *tucked* teen wide jeans, and I made *untucked* teen wide jeans.)

The Maxis bone weights made it move in an unnatural way.
I fixed the bone weights so these pants move like other pants.

The 3D ridge at the waist prevented proper "untuckability".
I have removed it and made three "untuckable" recolors.

white tank by lolie2

I added a pregnant morph that works with HP's untuckable shirts.
Green tee recolor by lenasha.
The pregnant pants fit with HP's untuckable top, not with the_mystical_one's pregnant tops, those use a different shape than HP

I made three untucked recolors of these pants.
Sentate's untucked henleys, HystericalParoxysm's untucked tanks and longsleeves

Nov 7, 08 - KNOWN ISSUE I forgot to point out, you can use solid colored untucked shirts with these pants, but NOT graphic design, lettered, or patterned shirts, because they'll get squished near the waist. I could either have made the pants work with graphic shirts, but break existing pants recolors and have to replace the Maxis textures, or keep the pants recolors and Maxis textures, but not work well with graphic shirts. I went with the second option. (Thanks migamoo for the example picture.)

I used my Cat's UV Data Merge plugin to quickly and easily match the top of the pants UV to the bottom of HP's untucked shirt UV. You can too! Also, you can use Cat's Normal Smoother when removing 3D ridges.

Usage Policy
- You may modify this mesh, please link here for credit.
- You may of course recolor, it's a default replacement.
- Do NOT upload this mesh with recolors, link here instead.
- Do NOT upload my work or derivations thereof to paysites.

Thanks to all the tutorial writers. Thanks to the makers of SimPE and MilkShape, and wes_h and demon (and me!) for plugins. Thanks to HP and all the other makers of untuckable apparel.

Polygon Counts:
610 same as the Maxis original

edit: Just discovered today that BlooM @ InSim also fixed the bone weights earlier.
My thread is still useful though since this mesh is untuckable and has a preg morph.