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Babysitting Career for Teens and Elders

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Uploaded: 9th Dec 2008 at 3:14 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2009 at 8:42 PM
Hi everyone this is a babysitting career for teens and elders as requested by horselover1121 (aero87 here at MTS2) over at the offical TS2 site. There are chance cards for all three levels and the career icon is the same as the service icon in the game because it's similar to nannying (although I'm sure your sims will be much better than those pesky nannys).

The career has its own GUID and therefore should not overwrite any game careers, or any custom ones you have installed. I tested this extensively in my own game, as well as using Numenor's any game starter, but if you do experience any problems please don't hesitate to let me know.

Unfortunately you will need at least one expansion pack for this career to work.

Below are the job descriptions for each level.

Wage - $99
Hours - 7pm-11pm
Days Worked - M Th F Sa Su

Babysitting sounds like an easy way to make some money and after posting leaflets around the neighbourhood you've managed to rustle up some customers. Keep the children and parents happy and you'll earn some decent tips to add to your income. How hard can looking after a few kids be, right..?

Trusted Sitter:
Wage - $130
Hours - 6pm-11pm
Days Worked - M F Sa Su

Your babysitting skills are known far and wide (well, throughout the town anyway) and you've got parents clamouring for your time. Keep coming up with creative ways to keep the children you sit happy, quiet and clean (finger painting's definitely out – the paint goes everywhere) and try not to let anyone have too much sugar or there'll be more crazy than you can handle.

Wage - $165
Hours - 3pm-7pm
Days Worked - M Tu W Th F

The last family you babysat for were so impressed by you that they've decided to hire you as their nanny. Mr and Mrs Taylor are well off which means the money's pretty good, but the children are total brats and will do their absolute best to get you fired. While you're trying to get them to like you (bribery's always good) make sure you don't mess up, or they'll have you out of there faster than you can say 'Spawn of Satan'.

There won't be an adult version of this career because I'm afraid I don't know enough about related jobs to come up with ten levels and chance cards for each of them!

EDIT (12/1/09): An adult version of this career is in the process of being written - not just by me, but my Flickzy, Sinniti and Tom420 who are all fabulous! Although they'll be linked up, the adult version is more likely to be called 'Childcare' than 'Babysitting'

EDIT (14/3/09): File re-uploaded after the site went boom! You should now be able to download the file again.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Emma Barrett and her fabulous career tutorial which really does make things much easier!

Also thanks to Numenor for his handy any game starter.