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Little Green Thumbs

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Uploaded: 5th Apr 2015 at 3:43 AM
My Sim kids like to garden. Do yours? Well, mine were tired of getting dirt under their fingernails and mud between their toes and grime all over their clothing... so they asked me to make them some outfits that are just for gardening. And here is the result! These little outfits feature basic t-shirts and shorts along with shiny rubber boots, gardening gloves, and fun aprons to keep the dirt off.

They come in six colours, and all are unisex, so your boys and girls can fight over who gets to wear which outfit!

These outfits use a new mesh, which is included. It has a working fat morph. Click the spoiler button to see it.
The outfits are set as Everyday. No EPs or SPs are required to use the outfits (though of course it's a lot more fun if your Sims can actually garden, so Seasons is recommended).


Polygon Counts:
gardening attire = 2178

Additional Credits:
The long boys' hair was converted by melodie9 and can be found here. The Buddy Holly-style glasses are by tamo and can be found here. The straw hat and bucket hat for girls were converted by me and can be found here and here. All other hairstyles, jewellery, and glasses are by Maxis.