Update! Neo Angelique Project: Nyx

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2009 at 1:20 AM
Updated: 22nd Mar 2009 at 5:32 AM
Hello, again!

As I mentioned earier, I am addicted Neo Angelique.
I explained what Neo Angelique is on my Rayne thread.

Anyway I give link to Wiki for people who don't know it.

Neo Angelique

I made other Aube hunter.
He is Nyx.
He started gathering Aube hunters and offer his home( Hidamari Mansion) to them.

He is 26 years old noble.
Very good at playing piano.


He wears monocle and mentioned it in the game,
I made his monocle MESH too!

Faces=334 Vertices=305

Somehow cleaninstaller didn't include MESH, I attached additinal MESH file.


First I thought he had midium length, but he had long hair tied back with blue ribbon.
I made hair MESH for teed and adult.
Teen has light blue ribbon.

Faces=2227 Vertices=1878


He likes ruffle.
The brooch is a part of clothing MESH.

Faces=2910 Vertices=2673

I hope you like it.

Update 3/21

I fixed some flaw of trousers

Custom content below are not Included.
You need Download thease.

SimCribbling~ Self-MakeUp #7 Skintones

Light skin

Doll Eyes

Custom contnt include

Eye Brows: Justsims2
Eyeliner 01


Custom Content by Me:
- Nyx
- Invisible_Blow_Pale
- Nyx_Monocle_SilverWind
- Hair_Nyx_SilverWind
- MESH_Hair_Nyx
- Nyx_Jacket_SilverWind
- MESH_Nyx_Coat
- MESH_monocle

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrow by ustsims2
- Eyeliner by Barcelonista

Additional Credits:
alessandra1512,Ren,Justsims2: Many thanks for beautiful skin!

MTS2 thank you for tutorial!

SimPe, Milkshape