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Neo Angelique Project: Rene' FINAL!

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Uploaded: 9th May 2009 at 8:11 PM
Hello, again!

As I mentioned earier, I love Neo Angelique.
I explained what Neo Angelique is on my Rayne thread.

Anyway I give link to Wiki for people who don't know it.

Neo Angelique

This is final projects for Neo Angelique on MTS

He is Rene',15years old.
I included body shop picture for comparison.

At the first time he met Angelique, he said that he was a Silver Knight Apprentice.
But it wasn't true.
He was more than that!!

He is one of my favorite character.
He is very adorable and saucy.
But despite of young age, he has a big duty.


Faces: 880 Vertices: 713

Child - Adult.


Faces: 2678 Vertices: 2604

Many frills. The back of jacket is very lovely.


His outfits are made with Heavy, Stiff fabric.
I put wrinkles only small amount.


Anime picture shows his outfit is blueish, but it isn't right color.
Aquagreen is right color.

Custom content below are not Included.
You need download skin.

SimCribbling~ Self-MakeUp #7 Skintones

Middium Pale

Custom Content by Me:
- Rene'
- Blow_Blond2_Tomoko
- DollEye_Blue_SilverWind
- Eye_liner_No.4_Silver_Wind
- Hair_Rene_SilverWind
- MESH_Hair_Rene
- Rene'_Apprentice_SilverWind
- MESH_Rene_Apprentice

Additional Credits:
Ren thank you for beautiful skin!

SimPE, Milkeshape