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Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners - Ryougi Shiki

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Uploaded: 18th Mar 2009 at 6:52 PM
Well, I sure haven't uploaded anything here in a very long time. I got caught up in other hobbies and real life, so I haven't had any time for the sims. I'm really sorry to everybody who made requests, but... Well I lost interest mostly in even making things for sims until I watched the Kara no Kyoukai movie series.

I have to say, I fell in love with Shiki. She's a really good character who's able to take care of herself, has a (somewhat) realistic and pessimistic view on life... And she kills things. Great combination right there.

SO. Being the adamant Shiki fan that I am, I just had to make this sim of her so that I could have her in my game. I've put more effort into making this sim as close as possible than I have any other creation. If I get time within the next year or so I might try and make a mesh for her outfit, the kimono with the leather jacket and combat boots, but... Well, I'm having trouble with it, so I figured I'd just upload the sim and not get ahead of myself.

ANYWAYS. Technical stuff, technical stuff. There is only one mesh that you need to download, and that's the lovely mesh by Nouk that was a part of the WNF January Aspiration set, which you can find here:


I did an alpha-edit and darkened the textures a a bit to make it look more Shiki-like, but it's still Nouk's original texture. Her textures are always so awesome, I can't bring myself to retexture over them. X.x

The skintone is by Teru_k and is also amazing. You should download the rest from the set because they're pretty.

The rest is all by me. The clothes are by Maxis, however, and are a part of the Bon Voyage Expansion Pack. She comes packaged in a base-game outfit so everybody can enjoy her. =3

If you want to dress her up in a kimono, there are plenty of realy good ones all over the site, and much better than I could ever make. XD So I suggest you grab one of those.

Anyways, here she is, I hope you enjoy her! =3

Custom Content by Me:
- Ryougi Shiki sim by Ozu
- Ryougi Shiki's eyebrows by Ozu
- Ryougi Shiki's eyes by Ozu
- Ryougi Shiki anime lip cover
- Anime top eyeliner by Ozu
- Shiki's hair recolour by Ozu

Custom Content Included:
- Ephemera_SimpleSkin_Light by teru_k

Additional Credits:
Thank you to everybody who helped me get this sim looking great! I really appreciate it so much! ^^ Thank you all!

Thanks to Nouk for her lovely mesh and Teru_k for the beautiful skintones. X3