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Recolours of the Cowgirl hat hair

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This download is part of the Farm/Rural Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 26th Dec 2007 at 2:21 AM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 1:30 PM by Echo
Well, I was at a total loss for this challenge. I started at least ten different projects and none of them seemed decent enough to submit. Finally I made a farm-type sim, and this hair for her. The sim was kind of ugly, but I liked the hair, so I did some recolours and decided to upload them instead. The hat itself was recoloured to a darker greyish colour instead of the original maxis white, and while the hair itself has the same maxis texture, I messed around with it a little bit to produce what I considered a more glowy, not necessarily shinier colour, but... Well, it just looks different, and I like it. X3 All colours are binned in the correct colour bins. The hat shows up for adults and elders, children and teens have the same glowy-type recoloured braids, but all toddlers have original maxis red bob hairstyle.

These require NO meshes or expansions. They're made from a base game mesh. I hope you like.

Custom Content by Me:
- Sundried hair by Ozu
- Cowgirl hat recol by Ozu - Charcoal
- Cowboy hat hair recol - Straw
- Cowgirl hat recol by Ozu - Mudpie
- Cowgirl hat recol by Ozu-Flamin' braids
- Cowgirl hat recol by Ozu - Platinum

Additional Credits:
Colour binning tool for SimPE Model credits:

Skintone by Enayla
Eyes, freckles, eyebrows and of course hair by me.
Makeup by Bruno
Clothing by GMO