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Princess Zelda - Sim, dress, and hair

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2009 at 9:50 PM
Updated: 6th May 2009 at 4:39 AM
This is my version of Nintendo's Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess version). She is a slimmer, Sim-shaped version with Sim proportions. She comes complete with dress, hair, and earrings. All meshes and recolors shown in the pics are included in this download.

I had to modify GMDC's for default face templates to get her eyes and ears the right shape. Her face is deliberately more oval-shaped compared to the real Zelda in order to keep her proportionate. If you choose to put her in your game as a toddler or child, she'll have regular pointy ears and won't develop her giant elf ears until she becomes a teen. For her face and ears to show up correctly, it's necessary to set "Sims/Object Quality" to "High" in your graphics settings.

Her dress is proportioned like a Sim, modeled after the Maxis vampire dress. It comes in 6 colors and can be worn by teens, young adults, adults, and elders. Gold parts are bump-mapped and reflective, gems are reflective. Fat morph is included, but no pregnancy morph.

Hair comes in brown, blonde, red, black, and gray for elders. The gray for elders is in the same package as the brown, so you will need to install the brown hair to get gray. Her hair can be worn by teens through elders. Gold tiara is bump-mapped and reflective, gems are reflective.

Earrings work on teen and adult. They will only fit Zelda's ears properly, they would look funny on any other Sim. Two versions are available, as glasses or as jewelry. If you have Bon Voyage, you can use the jewelry version. If you don't have Bon Voyage, use the glasses version.

I spent a crazy long time working on her because she's my first real meshing project that I jumped right into after following Tiggerypum's excellent meshing tutorials. I've learned a LOT about meshing in the process. I hope you like her!

Custom Content by Me:
- Sim
- Eyebrows
- Lipstick
- Eyes
- Eye Shadow
- Skintone

Custom Content Included:
- helaene_diorblush - heavenly plum by helaene

Additional Credits:
Skintone is a hybrid with parts from Oepu and Louis skintones with modified eyelids.