Industrial Pipes

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Uploaded: 11th May 2009 at 4:27 PM

OMG, how many pipe things do you need?!??? Ask any plumber and he will tell you 'more than the 16 you see here....

Use Fat D's Upshift and Downshift and you can have 3x that number. Your sims may not be able to build a catalytic cracking unit, but they should have more than enough pipe to furnish their mechanical room.

How many colors do you need? Ask any mechanical supervisor and he'll tell you, 'WTF do I care. They leak, I fix them. You can paint them any *@*!%&! color you want.' So we did.

The valve and pipe are separate subsets and can be independently selected. There are 9 different valve colors and 7 pipe colors. Everybody wanted to play with the pipe. Some of the 'valves' are recolored to look like guages.

The repository method was used. Fallout Diner Industrial Pipe Master must be in your download folder for these to appear correctly. This is the file you recolor.

The 'stand up' pipes were cloned from a statue, and will appear in decorative>statue. The overhead pipes were cloned from the hanging plant (so your sims can walk under them). They appear in decorative>plants. There is a collection file to pull them all together.

We had a lot of fun coloring and building with these. We hope you do too.

Polygon Counts:
Master -- F: 1082, V: 898
Slave 1 -- F: 290, V: 212
Slave 2 -- F: 950, V: 948
Slave 3 -- F: 398, V: 382
Slave 4 -- F: 288, V: 208
Slave 5 -- F: 434, V: 368
Slave 6 -- F: 230, V: 252
Slave 7 -- F: 360, V: 286
Slave 8 -- F: 192, V: 182
Slave 9 --F: 216, V: 218
Slave 10 -- F: 216, V: 218
Slave 11 -- F: 360, V: 286
Slave 12 -- F: 360, V: 286
Slave 13 -- F: 566, V: 429
Slave 14 -- F: 266, V: 264
Slave 15 -- F: 216, V: 218