Grungify Your Yard!

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Uploaded: 12th May 2009 at 5:35 PM
Updated: 9th Jun 2009 at 3:08 AM
For those of you who are having issues with flashing blue grasses in your game, please re-download them and overwrite the existing files.

NOTE: The fixed grasses have new GUIDs, but the same file names. If you do not place them in the same sub-folder as the original, they will not automatically overwrite the problem files, and you will have two sets of grasses in your game. You will have to manually delete the problem files.


Gardeners are soooo pre-apocalypse, don't you think? Purity Project certainly does. So, why is your lawn still lush and green when it could look like this...

Nice, huh?

Yes, you'll be the envy of the neighborhood with our special Grungify Your Yard gardening pack. Set includes 10 terrain paints, 4 dead trees, 3 dead grasses, and 2 grass recolors--ALL BASEGAME COMPATIBLE!!

Why do we mention that? Because the tree mesh is a resized Maxis mesh from the Nightlife EP, but YOU DO NOT NEED NL to have these trees in your game. Clear?

Good. Now the other bit of business--the trees and grasses are repository sets. That means you must have the master file in your game for the textures to show up. The master file for the trees is Fallout High-Rise Large Dead Tree. The master for the grasses is Fallout High-Rise Dead Grass. Got it?

Alrighty. Go grungify, people.

Polygon Counts:
Fallout High-Rise Small Dead Grass - 846
Fallout High-Rise Dead Grass - 846
Fallout High-Rise Large Dead Grass - 846
Fallout High-Rise Dead Shrub - 3282
Fallout High-Rise Small Dead Tree - 3282
Fallout High-Rise Medium Dead Tree - 3282
Fallout High-Rise Large Dead Tree - 3282