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Manhattan Bathroom Set

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Uploaded: 20th May 2009 at 3:32 AM
Updated: 28th Sep 2009 at 2:54 AM

Manhattan Bathroom Set

Inspired by my love of large bathrooms. This modern style bathroom is ideal for any down-town apartment or large family home.

"Manhattan" Bathtub
Large sleek bathtub, with chrome taps encased in a solid wood surround. Idea for relaxing in after a long day at work. (Pets Version also available)

"Manhattan" Sink - Master Mesh
Small bowl sink with chrome tabs. Its base cupboard has a small door with chrome handles and a single shelf unit. The shelving holds soft fluffy bath-towels.

"Manhattan" Toilet
Luxury white porcelain floating toilet with a small cupboard back which neatly houses the cistern. Chrome handle located at the left side for easy flushing.

"Manhattan" Wall Mirror
Large solid wood frame wall mirror with co-ordinated upper inset. Sits perfectly above the sink unit.

"Manhattan" Wall Light
The wall light provides direct downward lighting with its three chrome spot lights and energy efficient bulbs. The lights are housed in a solid wood surround with a co-ordinated colored inset.

"Manhattan" Base Cupboard
The first of two base cupboards, it provides adequate storage for any bathroom with its double doors, chrome handles & feet.

"Manhattan" Base Cupboard 2
The second of the base cupboards holds soft fluffy towels in variety of sizes and other co-ordinated knick-knacks. Single door with chrome handle, feet & shelving.

Wood textures come in Pine, Oak and Cherry. Co-ordinated towel & insets in Red, Turquoise Blue & Green

This set uses the repository technique, all the items take there textures from the Manhattan Sink, so this is required for them to show correctly within the game.
Base Game/Ep Compatible

***UPDATE: 28/09/09 The bathtub file has been updated. Please re-download the fixed version, it will overwrite the previous versions. This will sort issues that base game only players were having. Apologies.
As requested a collection file has been added too.****

Polygon Counts:
Sink Polycount - 1514
Toilet Polycount - 1379
Bath Polycount - 1706
Mirror Polycount - 206
Wall Lamp Polycount - 1110
Base Cupboard Polycount - 442
Base Cupboard 2 Polycount - 1246