Hang Ten! Surfer Beach CAS *NO CC!*

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2009 at 12:02 AM
Updated: 4th Sep 2009 at 10:42 PM
As much as I hate to think about how much money I've spent on all these darn EP's and SP's, I've gotta say that the more I add, the more the EAxis basegame objects look boring. Case in point: the CAS screen. I give them an A for effort but overall it's such a bland look! Time to spruce it up!

This was requested a LONG time ago, back when I released my first batch of CAS screens. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the person who requested it, so hopefully they still use the site! I apologize for taking so long!

Kick back and enjoy this CAS theme geared towards our surfer beach-bum friends. Create your sim against a backdrop of surf and beach-themed art & paraphernalia with a beautiful tropical view. Once you're ready to see your family, take a peek at them waiting in front of a cozy beach-bum paradise, complete with hammock and hut! Don't forget your water wings!

This CAS has been created using the amazing AnyGameStarter by the even more amazing Numenor, so there'll be no random pets or freezing sims. Just simply plop into your Downloads folder and start hanging ten!

While there are no downloads required for this CAS to work, I strongly recommend utilizing Windkeeper's empty CAS tools in order to fully appreciate all the detail in this CAS!

*Please note, this lot has lots of plants on it. Not an excessive amount, but you may notice it takes longer for the CAS to load. Also, the screenshots were taken on a widescreen monitor; your view may vary on a standard screen.*

Enjoy! More coming soon!

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter
Windkeeper for her CAS! hiders
All the people who've written tutorials on creating your own CAS! screens