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CoolSims Hair49 Retextures w/ slight alpha edit

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2009 at 5:05 AM
Hi all,

I'd like to share my retextures of this coolsims hair, again.

This time I've made six shades only(plus silver). I was kind of disappointed with the texture halfway and didn't bother making more colors, but somehow they turned out not as bad. =P


↑↑↑ *****note that there's a slight change to the alpha map. I'd taken out one strand on the back.

All files are binned and familied, toddler thru elder.


Please do not use my textures and claim as your own.
If you'd like to upload my stuffs to other sites, please let me know.

Additional Credits:
Skintone by Ephemera (aka teru_k) <3
Makeup by Ephemera, bruno, la exotique and pooklet.