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Just Glossy - 7 lipglosses

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2011 at 12:15 AM
Hi all.

This is my first set of lips. My skills are far from mastery, but they don't look too bad, plus bling is always in, so I thought I'd share.

7 colors, townified, for ladies only, toddler to elder.

Left to right:
sheepish, thirst, yummy, petal,
energetic, bloom, wildflower.

The swatch is included in the RAR.

p.s. my download meter reached 250K a while ago... it looks a lot to me. thank you all for downloading my stuffs!

Additional Credits:
Hairs by XM sims and Cool Sims.
Skintones by Ephemera.
Makeup by Ephemera, Tifa, Janita, MintClover and bruno.