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Si'Down with your drink

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2009 at 5:20 AM
Updated: 15th Jun 2010 at 12:22 PM
*Updated 29th November 2009*
Enhancement - see section below
There are various different drinks that a Sim can partake of when thirsty. Generally a Sim will sit down to drink their favourite tipple if there is a chair in the same room, but if not will stand around sipping away. This is different from the behaviour with food where they will quite happily take food from the kitchen to the room next door where the dining table is, to sit down and eat it properly. Given that I generally house my hot liquid producing appliances in a kitchen and have chairs in a dining room right next door this would annoy me. I'd find myself muttering at my computer screen "Si'down will you!"

Also, I'd quite like to direct different drinks to use different types of chairs. For example, hot chocolate, or a big coffee mug really should be enjoyed in the comfort of an arm chair; or fitness drinks should avoid bar stools.

So this mod changes the way all the various drinks provided in the Sims 2 game work, hopefully meaning in general, less Sims standing around drinking when there are perfectly good chairs that could be used!

You should download the core package and choose one of the two tuning packages as well. Inside the .rars the tuning packages have the same name so you cannot accidentally have both tuning packages in your download folder. You must have one of them though!

This has been tested using the AnyGameStarted with many different EP combinations. However, even though I have done extension testing myself, I am marking this mod as Testers Required for a little while since there are so many combinations of drinks and seats. In my testing I have found and fixed a number of issues, all of which resulted in the Sim in question sitting on the floor instead of a perfectly valid chair. So in general it seems the problems that result are not harmful. So if you choose to download this and test it out in your game, and see something you didn't expect, please provide the following details.

Is this a global hack?
In making this mod, I have introduced some globals. Since these globals are new rather than updates to existing globals, this hack should only have an untoward impact on your game if the numbers I chose to identify these globals have also been picked by another modder also making a brand new global. The details are below should you suspect you have a clash.

I currently know of one hack that this mod conflicts with and that is TwoJeff's Chinese & Coffee Sit Down Fix which is perhaps not a surprise now that I know of it since it does the same job for the base game drinks (except bar drinks). Of course there is always the possibility of others. For the benefit of other modders, the details are below.


Update History
  • Provided two choices for tuning this mod, the original one and one that doesn't disallow any chair types. Choose only one to use.
  • Fixed animations for Fruit Punch for Teenagers and Children to match Adults

Additional Credits:
Quaxi for SimPEwiki
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter.
Thanks to raynuss, aubreylaraine and jeffallenroberts for all the info about TwoJeff's clashing mod.