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More Gem Cutting Options (Best, Random, Hidden, Unlocked Cuts) *Compatible with 1.67*

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2010 at 7:40 PM
Updated: 18th Mar 2014 at 11:58 AM
Compatible with 1.67

Hi, it's me and my RGM-related mods again These are four separate script mods I made yesterday after lunch (no longer at 2 am in the morning :D) They add a few options to the gem cutting interaction:

- GemRandomCut.package
Adds a new option "Random" under "Get Cut..." and "Cut All...". The game will pick a cut type at random. Costs §500/gem.

- GemHiddenCuts.package
Enables all cuts not normally accessible in the game:
-Skull Cut
-Polished Split Cut (enabled for all gems, not just Geode and Septarian Nodule)
-Spire Cut (enabled for all gems, not just Tiberium)
-All regular cuts for Tiberium, Geode, and Septarian Nodule (gem-cutting skill is still required)

- GemUnlockedCuts.package
Unlocks all regular cuts for non-qualified sims. For the cheaters lazy, like me
-Oval Cut
-Pear Cut
-Plumbbob Cut
-Marquis Cut
-Crystal Ball Cut
-Brilliant Cut
-Star Cut
-Heart-Shaped Cut
-Sculptor's Egg Cut (requires Ambitions) for sims with sculpting skill level < 5

- GemBestCut.package
Automatically calculates the best cut for a gem. If a gem is best left uncut, the "Best Cut" option won't show up at all. By default, only the valid cuts are taken into account, but this is tunable.

Pick and choose which features you want. They will not conflict with each other.

Note that all prices remain unchanged (that means Skull cut is free of charge) unless you download a separate mod I provided in this very thread specifically to change its price (StarSkullCutPriceMod.package.) It's an XML tuning mod and it changes the price of Skull cut to §2,000.

This is NOT a core mod so it shouldn't conflict with other mods.

-GemRandomCut: 1.38 and up.
-GemHiddenCuts: 1.38 and up.
-GemUnlockedCuts: 1.38 and up.
-GemBestCut: 1.67 and up.


-Updated GemBestCut for 1.67

-Updated for 1.38.
-Added an event listener so that the interactions will still show up even though the object's state has changed.

-Updated GemHiddenCuts and GemUnlockedCuts for 1.29.
-Added Star cut to GemUnlockedCuts.

-Added a new mod, Best Cut.
-Merged Sculptor's Egg Cut unlocker mod with GemUnlockedCuts.package.

-Updated all packages for 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0.

-Fixed GemUnlockedEggCut.package bug where heart cut and egg cut would show up twice under certain conditions.

-Updated GemRandomCut for 1.12 and newer patches.
-Added a separate package for unlocking Egg Cut (requires Ambitions)