Aperture Science Poster ( Portal )

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Uploaded 31st Mar 2010 at 12:37 AM · Updated 30th Mar 2010 at 10:00 PM by Lechugo

Hi!, at first, sorry for my bad english. This is my first upload to mod the sims.
I created the posters of Aperture Laboratories that apears in Portal, Portal Prelude, ....I love this labs and this objects aren' t the last upload, i will create more content of Aperture Science and Half-Life, or Fallout. My next work is the uniform of Aperture apeared in Portal Prelude, but i think that all my projects of Aperture, put into a pack. This posters are a little "snack" of the especial pack
I hope that the mod works well.

This posters are localizated in the wall art category in the decor category of buy mode with the name of "Aperture Science Poster". His prize is the same at the "painting poster teen room", 30 simoleons.

The recolourable areas are the borders only. The image of the poster doesn't be recolourable. In the types of the recolour are the 3 designs of the poster (picture). The mod doesn't includes the three posters for separated; the three posters are into one poster only.

Polygon Counts:
Retexture of a Maxis poster.

Additional Credits:
Next Project: Aperture Laboratories Pack

Style: Modern
Room: Living Study
Maxis Flags: AddOn

Tags: #Aperture Laboratories