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British fashion - 5 Fenchurch sweaters for Sim guys

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2010 at 8:19 PM
The Red Coats are coming!
Well, at least some clothes from a British clothes brand named Fenchurch. I've created/redone five sweaters for our Sim guys from teen to young adult and adult. The teen and young adult/adult sweaters are using different meshes so I had to create every sweater twice.

Alf blackberry:
Black sweater with white shoulder area and grey chest triangle. The white triangular shaped parts on the sleeves are lining up with the white parts on chest and back. There's a black Fenchurch logo and writing on the left side of the chest.
Files: Randir_MAT12FA2, Randir_MTT12FA2

Alf mid-grey:
A grey sweater with white shoulder area and a blue chest; triangular shaped. Just like the blackberry sweater the white triangular parts on the sleeves are lining up with the white areas on the chest and on the back. The Fenchurch logo and writing on the left side of the chest is grey coloured.
Files: Randir_MAT12FA1, Randir_MTT12FA1

This sweater used to be a T-shirt in the beginning but I made a sweater out of it. It's beige coloured one with black lines around the waistbands. On top of the shoulders is a black mesh patch. On the chest is a Fenchurch friendly logo in dark beige and on the back at shoulder height the same logo coloured in black.
Files: Randir_MAT12FB, Randir_MTT12FB

Logo Knit
A simple sweater in olive green with black and white striped waistbands. There's a black basic Fenchurch logo on the chest.
Files: Randir_MAT12FLK, Randir_MTT12FLK

A woods green sweater with green and white striped waistbands and a dark green basic Fenchurch logo on the chest with white borders.
Files: Randir_MAT12FS, Randir_MTT12FS
Wearable by male teens, young adults and adults too.

If you need more creations like this check out my profile.

They are tops only. You can add any pants you want in the game.
It uses Maxis meshes from the base game so you won't need anything else except of this creation to make it work properly.

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Additional Credits:
Skin default replacement by teru_k
Eye colour default replacement by Navetsea
Custom model poses by decorgal21572