Medieval and Renaissance Doublets and Hose in Rugged Style

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2010 at 4:45 AM
A doublet is a man's snug-fitting buttoned jacket that was worn in Western Europe from the Middle Ages through to the mid-17th century.

Hose are any of various styles of men's clothing for the legs and lower body, worn from the Middle Ages through the seventeenth century.

Four varieties of doublet and hose outfits are presented, each within in its own download. allowing for a total of 24 different outfits, utilizing a single mesh with many different retexturings (mesh included in each upload package, for convenience sake).

The four varieties available are: Rugged, Formal, Flamboyant, and Ragged.

Here, we present the Rugged style, for the woodsy, rugged sort.

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