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Suita Apartment Set

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2011 at 7:31 PM
When I heard about latenight, I was simply ecstatic!!!! I was thinking of ideas for something big and luxurious that you would chuck in your penthouse sweet.
Thus! Suita was born and it came as a 3-pieces suite. 3 seater, 2 seater and a cute one seater.
The legs are recolourable and the Cushions are also recolourable so its mix and match heaven, crazy cow skin Cushions on black leather ? you can do this I promise you its not a crime! he he
A retosons Coffee table is included in the set with a strong cross between modern and retro this coffee table has a place in everyones heart/home.
The sofas and Coffee table are priced as follows:
3 seater: $3,975
2 seater: $3,275
Reading chair: $3,000
Retosons Coffee table: $1,904

(Update: The Vintage Suitcase UVmap has been corrected, Because of stretched look on Certain textures in the game for the circular case.)

And last but not least 2 clutter items, a Vogue magazine priced $20 and 2 Vintage suitcases $229 for Traveling in style or packing up to move to that new swanky city apartment. I added a bonus item last minute to beautify your bare walls and give warmth to any room in the house, a Digital piece of art on Canvas $629.
(note the Canvas painting is the only object in this package which needs latenight to function, so if you dont have Latenight just delete that file after dowloading.)

Polygon Counts:
3 Seater Suita Sofa
Vert: 2033
Tri: 2828

2 seater Suita sofa
Vert: 1074
Tri: 1398

Reading Chair
Vert: 1231
Tri: 1969

Retosons Coffee-table
Vert: 259

Vintage suitcases
Vert: 474
Tri: 248

Vogue Magz
Tri: 138
Vert 108

Additional Credits:
To the Creators of S3pe, S3oc. WesHowe for his S3object tool and MS Plugins.
And mostly the great support from the Creator feedback section ty guys x