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Erik Jørgensen Reading Chair & Lounger

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2010 at 5:11 PM
hey all!,

Its been a while and I've been learning the different texture files more deeply mostly the Multipler for details because its something I felt needed more work.
But I'm finally back with some New objects to share. A reading Chair Inspired by Erik Jorgensen again! I think some of his creations are just so exquisite in style/appearance.
When I had finished the chair I pondered what would be the best partner to go along with this chair and it was... (what if) you could put your feet up whilest sitting in this luxorious chair, and so I made a lounger version slightly shorter ( for Hand Animation reasons), with a foot stool to match.

The price I wanted to keep original 2,985 for the Chair and 3,985 for the Lounger for those hard working simmies :-P
The reading Chair has 3 recolourable parts the front, back and the legs. The Lounger is different and only has 2, the whole chair and the legs.

I really Hope you all enjoy this range as much as I did making it, Happy Simming !! xx

Polygon Counts:
Reading Chair
Vert: 1237
Tri: 2010
Low Res

Vert: 1262
Tri: 1986
Low Res

Additional Credits:
For the Creators of S3pe, S3oc. Wesh for his S3object tool.