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Cassandra Goth S/S 2011 (4 new meshes)

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 30th Mar 2011 at 1:26 AM
Updated: 5th Aug 2011 at 5:55 PM
Cassandra's been M.I.A since 2008, but shes back fresh in time for the new season in 2011! Only this time shes much more driven and inspired. She's found her identity (within my game anyway) and has translated that into clothes, an utterly stylish, beautiful but with the odd pinch of awkward thrown in.

First up is the new 'Jersey Dress', paired with an revised design of military boots, this dress brings a whole new level to simple styling. With sleeves that finish just below the elbow, and high enough but not too high hem this outfit will have all your townies jealous. Comes in 3 simple colours, with one signature printed peice thats Cassandra's favorite.

Next up is the same Jersey Dress and Boots, But with a toasty warm cotton cardgian that falls just below the hips. The cardigans have been paired with complimentary cardigans, 2 of which feature a unique gradient design for your sims who like a bit of variety.

The third oufit was actually inspired by a top I'm making in real life (wish me luck!) which features a 'wing seam' design that continues on to the arms and back. This design slashes the dress into panels, creating an ultra modern and sexy design that really turns head, paired with a pair of chunky wedge boots to add that extra edge. Available for every day and formal.

One of Cassandras favorite designs has to be the new 'Wing Sleeve' Dress. With loose, flowy sleeves and a nipped in waist that falls into a loose, flowy skirt with an open back. This dress has to be the highlight of the collection for me. Paired with a pair of monster platform heels and available in a variety of gorgeous colours. ((The sleeves can go a bit choppy at times due to the meshing via maxis, but only with extreme animations. It looks amazing 99% of the time) Available for everyday and formal wear.

Last up is the same Wing Sleeve dress, only paired with a cozy, ultra trendy pair of black boots. Each dress has its own unique style, Cassandra's new signature peice being the fine red and navy polka dot design. (Theres also a plain black top and navy skirt option I forgot about hurrr derrp). Like the dress it features a cut out back.

All styles available in size normal to fat, bumpmaps and also in stores on campus for those uni girls.

The cardigan version of the Jersey Dress shares the same mesh (woo) which is included in both files, so if you get an overwrite message don't panic.
Enjoy x

Polygon Counts:
Jersey Dress Boots - 2184
Panel Dress Wedges - 2059
Wing Dress Heels - 2241
Wing Dress Boots - 2337

Additional Credits:
Eaxis for the Meshes which slice up so nicely.