Jodie Foster

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Special thanks to those who gave great advice and links to get this job done!

SimmyRN, Simmiller, Elle

Thanks for all the time and advice you gave, you are appreciated!


Jodie's Mods and Parts

Awesome Mod
CASSliderScaleMultiplie (mine is set at 5)
Facial Sliders by Ahmad @ Caliena's Sims3 Blog
More Info on Ahmad's Sliders
Head Shape Slider by jonha


*All Skins and Face Masks are DEFAULT
*All Hair for upload is EA Base Game ... see requirements to look like pic's.

Silk & Velvet - Female Face Skins by LadyFrontbum
PeggyZone DEFAULT Female/Male Body Skin

8ksims mhair005 Converted!

flEYEco - moving contacts by flajko
Classic Arched Eyebrows For The Ladies by Simmiller

Dirty Glam - 3 defined and bold eye shadows! by Arisuka

Kiss Me Baby Lipgloss by daluved1

Loose Vested Top - ADULT FEMALE TOPS-- PAGE 3
Satin Flared Gown - ADULT FEMALE FORMAL-- PAGE 2

All About Style - Grecian High Heel (Accessories, pg 1)

Hair Options:

Elegant hairstyles for your female sims by Wojtek
RaonjenaSims3...Hair 20
Store conversions for your female kids (+male versions) by Wojtek

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the Creators for their mods and parts...

Thanks to all the folks to stopped by this thread to give their suggestions and advice...

Thanks to the Mods for approving this upload...

Thanks to everyone!


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