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Guy Fawkes Mask for your Sims

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2011 at 7:45 PM
Greetings, simmers! My name's Munir bin Julaihi, and I'm proudly present to you one of my latest creations...

Guy Fawkes Mask a. k. a. V for Vendetta Mask a. k. a. Anonymous Mask.

It was another peaceful day with a birds chirping on the trees when suddenly there's a leaderless organization group called "Anonymous" came to crash the party. "Anonymous", as we all knew, is a group of hackers who hacks various of Sim's sites, including "Sim-a-Choppa", "Meme Sim", "SIM-NEWS", "The Bank of Sims", and lots of sites that Sims loved. Now, they're going to take over the whole Sims world by taking over some carious Sim sites, leaving with only one sentence:-

"We Are Anonymous Sims. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Government Sims Expect Us."

And that's what happens in the Sims world... Well, MY Sims world. And I'm glad that the mask is NOW AVAILABLE for your sims. Enjoy! :D

Compatible for both Male and Female, Teen and Adult:-

Polygon Counts:
FaceCount = 3602

Note:- This is a HIGH-POLY ITEM! Download at your own risk, 'kay?

Additional Credits:
ghonma for the mask, converted and use by permission from silviuq12 from this site . Thanks, dude! :D
mio0331 for her Cloud's hair.
medrops for his Sora's hair.
psychosim0 for his E. V. I. L. S. computer.
V1ND1CARE for her metallic tiles.