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Croatian Shepherds

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2011 at 4:09 PM
Updated: 19th Aug 2011 at 11:26 AM - 6 instead of 4 pics in description
Hello again!

Today I'm proudly presenting you the Croatian Shepherds!

Croatian shepherd is a native Croatian breed and is descended from dogs which the Croats brought with them from their original native land into the region they occupy today, and which has been continually bred in Croatia, mostly in the fertile plains of Slavonia, since their arrival.
The Croatian shepherd is an alert, agile, keen and intelligent dog with enormous energy and with a strong need for Sims companionship. It is healthy, resistant to disease and not expensive to keep. It possesses a well developed herding instinct and is an excellent watchdog.

Not to menation that they have extremely curly fur which makes them sooooo cuddly(I have a puppy,he is soo cute)! :lovestruc And,I almost forgot,they're fur is naturally pure black but,you know,people breed different breeds and then the new fur colors appears and all the other 'features'...

I was searching for really nice pics of Croatian shepherds and I came upon a picture of 3 Croatian shepherds in different colors(picture available),so I decided to make them in more colors for Sims

Here's the preview of the breed:
- Black Croatian Shepherd:

- Spotted Croatian Shepherd:

- Creamy-brown Croatian Shepherd:

I tried my best to make them look more realistic and wanted to keep off all the attractive CC. I just hope you find them sweet and cuddly as much as I do
Enjoy your Croatian Shepherds and happy simming!

Special thanks to bordercollie.hr for all the information about this beautiful breed.

P.S. You will often see the expression 'Croatian sheepdog', but 'shepherd' and 'sheepdog' have the same meaning so please, don't mind that
P.S.#2 You will notice that in the .rar file(and in preview pictures!) I misspelled the word 'shepherd'. I'm very sorry for that and I hope you won't mind, I'm still learning english.