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Uploaded 6th Sep 2011 at 8:15 PM · Updated 7th Sep 2011 at 4:55 PM by ohbehave007

Its been a while since I last uploaded here but I felt this was worth sharing with all the MTSers out there who do not visit by blog or CBS.


Over the past few months I have slowly become more confidant in my meshing and this is one of the first sets I am truly proud of. The idea is from an image I found while looking for inspiration. The image showed a chair/table combo and I thought that was a great idea for a hallway or small nook area. Special thanks to Pam for giving me the idea of making the phone!

All meshes should be Base Game compatible. UVMaps are included in the download for anyone who would like to use them. There is also a collection file to help you find all the items more easily.

There are 2 files attached, one which contains objects with higher poly counts and one with lower poly counts. You can see what the differences are in poly counts below. I do warn that the higher one is probably not for slow computers. I tried to lower the poly counts as much as I could without losing to much quality for the lower poly version. Check the pictures below to see the difference. Please only download one file since they share the same guid.

The set contains:
Chair - (seating - misc) for 50§
Table - (tables - end tables) for 50§
Phone - (deco - misc) for 10§
Book - (deco - misc) for 5§
Flower - (deco - plants) for 3§
Pillow - (deco - misc) for 2§
Coffee Cup - (deco - misc) for 2§
Paper - (deco - misc) for 1§
Pencil - (deco - misc) for 1§
2 OMSPs - (tables - misc) for 0§

Polygon Counts:
First numbers refer to the higher poly version and the second the lower poly version.
Table = 636 - 248
Chair = 348 - 348
Book = 62 - 62
Coffee Cup = 1465 - 898
Flower = 2004 - 780
Paper = 12 - 12
Pencil = 24 - 24
Phone = 1008 - 900
Pillow = 1584 - 798
OMSPs = 12 - 12

Additional Credits:
Sim pictured is by me (Aphrodite available at my blog) wearing Amy Sweater by Senate - (Christmas In July @ GOS) and pants from Jesstheex @ LJ. Hair by Raon (hair 99 - free), Pooket'd by IO.
Wall by Trapping available at GOS in the 2010 Advent.
Floor by me available at my blog in the WWS Waiting For Spring Entry.

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