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Seasonal Maxis tree recolours and resized trees

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2011 at 4:33 PM
Here are some recolours for the Maxis bay tree, Japanese maple tree, willow tree and midbiscus tree, and some smaller and larger versions of these trees. All new trees are slaved to - i.e. draw all of their textures from - the originals.
1. Midbiscus series:
- Seasons-friendly shrubs in fours sizes, based on meshes by HystericalParoxysm. They have new GUIDs and do not overwite HP's.
- A smaller and a large version of the Midbiscus tree
- Three recolours based on HP's recolours in the thread linked above
2. Japanese maple: a dwarf and a large version, and a pink-purple recolour
3. Willow tree: a smaller version and a greener recolour
4. Bay tree: a smaller version and a purple recolour.

All trees are visible from neighbourhood view, and all except the willow occupy just one tile.

Note: Obviously, the seasonal changes only appear if Seasons is installed. The plants can also be used without Seasons, though: in that case only the summer state will appear.

Feel free to use the recolours to make more seasons-friendly recolours. Notes.

Many thanks to HystericalParoxysm for her liberal policy and to Echo for the tutorial.

(Pics show the original trees as well)

Polygon Counts:
Poly counts are equal to the poly count of the original meshes except for the shrubby shrubs, where they are lower and the large maple, where they are higher.

All four shrubby shrubs:
Spring, Summer: 1724 f, 1803 v
Autumn: 1524 f, 1572 v
Winter: 1434 f, 1464 v

Large and small midbiscus:
Spring: 2782 f, 3013 v
Summer: 2826 f, 3061 v
Autumn: 1848 f, 1887 v
Winter: 1698 f, 1707 v

Bay tree:
All: 4929 f, 5919 v
Warning: Both mine and the Maxis Bay tree are very high poly. Use sparingly!

Maple, dwarf
All: 890 f, 971 v
except high snow state: 990 f, 1081 v

Maple, large
All: 1762 f, 1971 v
except high snow state: 1884 f, 2103 v

All: 1257 f, 1332 v

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Wings3D, GIMP, AnyGameStarter, UVMapper Pro