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Piper Perabo - a schleb

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Uploaded: 19th Dec 2011 at 10:02 PM
Updated: 29th Dec 2011 at 1:21 PM
In 2000, Perabo was cast in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, as FBI agent Karen Sympathy. Her next film role was in Coyote Ugly as Violet 'Jersey' Sanford, for which she won an MTV Movie Award for Best Music Moment for "One Way or Another".

In 2001, Perabo starred in an independent Canadian movie called Lost and Delirious, playing a boarding school student who falls in love with a female classmate. The next year, she starred as a French exchange student in Slap Her... She's French, which was shelved in North America for two years, then released under the new title She Gets What She Wants. The film was released under its original title in Europe. In 2003, she had a role as the eldest Baker child, Nora, in Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), a role she reprised in the film's 2005 sequel.

Her other films include The I Inside (2003), Perfect Opposites (2004), George and the Dragon (2004), The Cave (2005), Imagine Me & You (2005), Edison (2005), The Prestige (2006), and Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008). She appeared as a nutritionist on the Fox TV show House.

In 2009, Perabo made her Broadway debut in the Neil LaBute play Reasons to Be Pretty.[6] In June 2009, Perabo was cast as the lead character, CIA agent Annie Walker, in the television spy series Covert Affairs on the USA Network.

On August 20, 2010, Perabo was injured filming an episode of Covert Affairs.[citation needed] After the finale of the first season it was announced that the second season would begin in summer of 2011. For her work on Covert Affairs, she received a nomination for the 2010 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Television Series Drama.

If you want your sim download to look like the real person you will need the following custom content:

Default faces by Ephemera:HERE
Lively Eyes by Shady:HERE
Eyebrows by Jessica2020:HERE
Nouk's hair converted by Anubis360:HERE but she is packaged with EA hair. Regarding my choice of hair, there was a perfect hair for her but it was pay so I couldn't use it. When you download her, you can put whatever hair you want. If you look at the profile pic, she did at one stage have quite wavy hair which is why I chose it, and it was free.

Lower eyelashes by Aarin - the link is no longer available, so I have put them as a download with the sim.


Blush: EA base game
Lipstick with teeth by Arisuka: HERE


Drama dress by V-ware:HERE
Shoes by EA Late Night

Custom sliders are vital to download if you want to tweak this sim or to make your own celebrity sims.

Ahmed’s facial sliders: HERE
Head shape slider by Johna:HERE
Heiret's under chin slider:HERE This is now an attachment as the link is in Korean and very hard to find the download.
Crossed Eyes Slider by BloomsBase: HERE This slider allows you to move the position of the eyeball. It works with default and contact lenses.
All aWT's sliders: HERE

I also use the indispensable Awesomemod set to 5 for slider flexibility.
Moreawesomethanyou by Pescado: HERE

Additional Credits:
My thanks go to Heaven, WillMurray, Monca and SimmyRN. This is a request from HinitaObsession. I hope you like it.