Memories of Suburbia

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2012 at 3:15 PM
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Welcome to the suburbs! We're so glad that you were able to join us.

Your new home is spacious and fully furnished to let you just move right in and start your lives! The house has been furnished to accommodate a family of 5-6, with pet furnishings for a cat and a two-car driveway. The house was based on my own real life house, which is pictured alongside the Sims version above.

The house has been playtested, and no glaring issues were found. It is suggested however, that you play the lot with walls completely down - it makes it easier when moving around in the basement and will eliminate the issue of closets blocking your view.

Due to the lot's placement in a neighbourhood I thought was flat, the lot WILL warp along the left side. I suggest placing this lot on an edge of the neighbourhood where there are no further building locations.

The main floor is comprised of an entrance hall (with lots of space to clutter up as your family pleases - mine prefers winter boots, purses, school bags and sweaters - and a closet if you're the neat type), a dining room, sunken living room with fireplace, kitchen, three bedrooms, and one-and-a-half bathrooms. The hallway to the bedrooms is also home to a mini-man cave (for the man whose wife won't let him have a proper man cave) with couches, dartboard and sports memorabilia.

The kitchen connects into a back hallway, with a staircase leading down to the basement and a door to the back porch and backyard. The backyard also has a small garden along the left side of the house, and a sitting area on the right side for mid-summer cuddles. If parties are more your thing, take advantage of the hot tub and barbeque!

The basement has a rec room area, a wet bar completely outfitted with microwave, bar fridge and espresso machine, a (decorative) laundry room, and one bedroom, one bathroom. The piano promises the musician in the family endless hours of delight, while the television and couches downstairs let the family gather around for a movie night.

- Buggybooz's Kitchen Basic set, found here.
- Buggybooz's Shakerlicious set, in particular the low peg rack and the buffet, found here.
- Buggybooz's Kitchen Klutter, in particular the toaster, found here.
- Guatla's Broken Bathroom set, in particular the decorative items (shelves, towels, etc.), found here.
- Guatla's Broken Kitchen set, in particular the 1x1 kitchen table, found here.
- Honeywell's BENNO Entertainment Centre, in particular the diagonal TV, found here.
- HugeLunatic's Backless Shower-Tub Combo, found here.
- HystericalParoxysm's Shrubby Shrubs, found here.
- Leesester's Smaller Billy Bookcase and Stack o' Books set, both found here.
- Macarossi's The Pond in July set, particularly the aubretia, cleome, pond border stones and trillium, found here.
- Macarossi's A Blaze of Colour set, particularly the garden irises, lavatera, nasturtium, and primroses, found here.
- Macarossi's September Plant Collection set, particularly the croton, found here.
- MaximusPM's fixed mesh and textures for Brasstex's Typhoon Fence and Gate, found here (mesh is included at this link).

Atgnat's Sunny Laundry set, found here at eXpresSims.

- HugeLunatic's Off-Grid Rug Fix, found here - this allows rugs that have been placed diagonally or otherwise "off-grid" to stay above the floor, instead of sinking. Also gets rid of that ugly pixelly appearance that happens with an off-grid rug.
- tbudgett's default replacement for the Maxis Craftsman/Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix Window, found in the Maxis Matrix/Craftsman Windows Expansion Set, found here - this default replacement allows for separate colour on the exterior and interior frames. If you're planning on redecorating, you might want to consider it if you're sticky about the inside frame matching the room and the outside frame matching the exterior walls. The set also includes a ridiculous amount of additional windows and doors to match.

See the attached thumbnails for a closer look at the rooms in the house.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 149320

Custom Content Included:
- BB BV Poster Frame 2 by buggybooz
- Emma Bowl by buggybooz
- Bowl RC by buggybooz
- Simply Elegant Curtains (MESH) by Holy Simoly
- Decorative Grass by Gelydh @ Club Crimsyn (Sims 2 > Objects, Page 4)
- Binder Clutter by Fiddledeedee (Garden of Shadows)
- 'Edwardian Elegance' Door by Holy Simoly by Holy Simoly
- Door Recolour - White by Holy Simoly
- Shagpile Rug by Holy Simoly
- 'Simply Elegant' Single/Low/Short Curtain by by Holy Simoly
- Curtains - Beige Recolour by Holy Simoly
- Curtains - Blue Recolour by Holy Simoly
- Curtains - Cream Recolour by Holy Simoly
- Curtains - Wine Recolour by Holy Simoly
- Rug - White and Black Recolour by Holy Simoly (Sims 2 Objects, "Organically Atomic Rug Recolours"
- Unexpected Sidings recolor. by Honeywell
- Simple, solid-colour carpeting for any room. by HystericalParoxysm
- Simple, solid-colour carpeting for any room. by HystericalParoxysm
- Simple, solid-colour paint for any room. by HystericalParoxysm
- Simple, solid-colour paint for any room. by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS
- Time Factor: by pixelhate
- Time Factor: by pixelhate
- Time Factor: by pixelhate
- Time Factor: by pixelhate

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the folks of #create and the Creator Feedback Forums for your invaluable support and suggestions! Clean Installer