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*Rococo for them*

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2012 at 11:20 PM
Two new meshes for today- for little girls and boys.
*Polycounts: Fc-2022, Vc-1599 for child male mesh
*Polycounts: Fc-1716, Vc-1177 for child female mesh(has alpha-editable sleeves)
*All of the outfits work for everyday and formal
*You need to download the meshes or the clothing won't work! Download Mesh_RococoCM01 for male. Download Mesh_RococoCF01 for female. Meshes are only included in those two archives.

Polygon Counts:
Fc-2022, Vc-1599 for male mesh
Fc-1716, Vc-1177 for female mesh

Additional Credits:
Hair-by Sussi
Walls-by Casasims