Fantasy Artist - Adult Career

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2012 at 12:05 AM
I wasn't really crazy about the Maxis Artist career for my fantasy artist Sim, so I made a new one that goes along a little better. I tried to keep it a little more realistic, basing it partly on a few of my own real-life experiences, and partly on those of my old art school teacher (mostly the latter). The rest is just plain made-up, but still fairly realistic. There are no unique job uniforms, as all the artists I've known go to work in everyday clothes.

The levels are:

The skills you'll need to advance are: Creativity (duh!), Logic, Charisma, and a little bit of Mechanical

This career is complete with all ten chance cards. The Sim I used to test this career, Bob Test the Test Pirate, has kindly agreed to share a screenshot of one of the cards, and of the career tab on the UI:

(Who says it can't be realistic and a little humorous? )

This career has been extensively tested and has been checked for spelling (but I'm only human, so if you find a typo, let me know ). It also has its own GUID.

There was this odd little bug with some of the later chance card rewards. Starting at level 7, the monetary rewards that I entered into SimPE were multiplied by 1000 in-game. So a $1,500 reward became $1,500,000! Obviously, this was not exactly what I was going for, so I had to modify the numbers a bit. For instance, a value of 1 gave me $1,000. Close enough. All the previous level rewards were their correct amount. I'm not sure if it's like that just in my game or not, so if anybody happens to get a $1 or $2 reward after level 7, let me know. Otherwise, this little bug has been remedied and the career is working properly.

Thanks to:
Emma_Barrett for her tutorial and career template:
and SuperFly for his career GUID tutorial:

Additional Credits: SimPE Photoshop