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Simply Shadow-Simple, Subtle Eyeshadow in 10 Colors

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2012 at 8:59 PM
Hello! Today I bring you eyeshadows that are simple, subtle with a hint of sparkle in 10 fun colors! I call them Simply Shadow. They are perfect for younger Sims, and come up to the Sim's eyelids.
They will appear in Makeup-Eyeshadow. They can be worn by males and females, ages child and up.

Also, I notify you that this does not affect the quality of this download at all, in the Body Shop I mistakenly wrote as the tool tip "Sparkle & Shine" because that was what I was originally going to call them. Then I realized they aren't actually that shiny. Hmm. Interesting.
Ok, I hope you enjoy my downloads!