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Sims2Sims2's Camera Mod

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Uploaded: 4th Apr 2012 at 5:36 PM
Updated: 16th Apr 2012 at 8:59 PM
Version 2 is up! Version 2 has even SLOWER movements for extreme movie makers and picture takers. Trust me, it is slow. I don't think you'll really understand how slow it is by me talking about it, so I am working on a video to show how slow it is. CAS is slow. Build mode (top down only) is slow. Live mode is slow. And especially Cameraman mode is slower.

This is really designed to have smooth, slow movements that allow you to grab different angles. Everything is smoother. Even zooming in Cameraman mode is much smoother. This also contains my previous Updated-Create-A-Sim Camera.
In the neigborhood camera, you can now decorate and place lots freely, to every corner of your neighborhood. With the old camera, it was impossible to place your lots wherever and now you can.
First Person
In first person movement is slower and smoother with much better and smoother parameters.
Live Mode
Live mode is pretty much the same, however the sim tracker thingy moves with every little movement your sim makes, so if he/she randomly breaks out and starts clapping or dancing or whatever it will move with them.
No more fading!
Build Mode
Top down view has smoother rotating.
And if you want to download make sure you back up your current cameras folder just in case you don't like this one!