Classic Music Career with Inventory Stuff

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There's a lot of really great music careers out there, the game expansion Seasons, even came with one, so why create one more? Well this one includes stuff. Back in December Phaenoh created a fabulous inventory style college major and so on her idea (thank you Phaenoh) I thought I would do the same with a career. On certain promotions your Sim will find an inventory item to help advance them on their way to a new level of music artistry.

I’m calling this career Classic Music so that I do not to interfere with Lientebollemeis' Classical Music career download. This way if your are playing that particular career you can differentiate it from this one and as far a I can tell there are no other careers called this.

It has its own GUID so it shouldn't overwrite any other. Be forewarned, this career is not base game friendly as it requires University, BonVoyage and Freetime because of the selected inventory items. Also, not all job levels get stuff it has been designed that way. The career has custom clothes and a custom car. The clothes are maxis meshes but I tweaked some of the alpha files on the costumes to accommodate some jewelry and tattoos. They have been compressorized as well. There is a complete set of chance cards.

I have tested the BHAVmod in my game and it seems to work fine but I would really appreciate if anyone has difficulties with the inventory to let me know. This is my first BHAV mod and I am not at all a programmer but somehow it works and I am hoping to start a new trend with careers. Please feel free to look at/copy the BHAV code if you are interested in creating inventory type careers.

The career reward is replaced by the inventory items so there is no career reward.

Here is the career info:

Street Musician 9a – 7p §25 Mon - Fri
Your audience is on the move, to shopping malls or the movies. It's your job to play well enough to get them to stop and drop in some change. Keep practicing and a real gig may come your way.

Lounge Singer 8p – 2a §100 Wed - Sun
A finely trained voice is music to their ears. Too bad the scummy place is always empty. Keep honing your skills -- they'll pay off in the long run for your musical career.

Jingle Singer 10a – 4p §150 Mon-Fri
The lyrics are cute and the music is catchy, but commercial singing on the radio is for the birds. Keep going and your gigs will happen.

Studio Musician Keyboardist 10a – 6p §200 Mon - Fri
Bands come and bands go but it's the studio musician that remains day after day after day after day. A charming attitude may just influence the right people to help you move on.

Bar Band Lead Guitarist 9p 3a §345 Wed - Sun
It's really happening; Smokey atmosphere, bar brawls, real gigs. Keep your charm on and keep yourself in shape. Your face is out there among the crowd. Now if only they can remember your name the day after.

Warmup Band Drummer 7p – 12a §600 Tue - Sun
Finally, a real stage. Your band is the opening act to the small time acts fans have PAID to see. Keep pounding and banging your way to the top you'll get there. Rock on!!

Bluegrass Banjo Picker 3p – 9p §700 Tue – Sun
Your face is becoming more and more familiar in the music scene, well at least among the other musicians. You are a regular member of a bluegrass band at the city's Grand Opry House. Just keep pickin' and a grinnin' there's still more out there for you.

Pit Orchestra Bassist 7p – 11p §1300 Wed – Sun
Your pickin' days are over, where you play it's strings and bows. Orchestra life for the theatre is one of versatility with operas, musicals and other theatrical productions. Keep practicing your skills and you are on your way to the most famous orchestra in town.

Symphony Concertmaster 8p – 11p §2000 Thur – Sun
The coveted first seat is yours. It's been a long hard haul and not only are you the principal of the first violins but the leader in the orchestra. You stand down to only the Conductor. All the violin solos are yours to play except, of course, when those pesky guest soloists step in.

Concert Pianist 8p – 11pn §3000 Fri, Sat, Sun
You have reached the top. Your artistry is among the best in the world and so are your grand pianos. Audiences flock to hear your concertos and you play guest soloist with only the finest orchestras. It's been a long journey and the road was tough so now's the time to sit back and enjoy the music.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to:

The ever Phenomenal Phaenoh – for the inventory items idea. (Product Design Major -Includes Inventory Items)
Echo and AdidasSG2 for the intensive and informative tutorials on BHAV programming.
and all the great modders who have taken the time to write out tutorials.

Age: Adult
Career Type: Realistic
Chance cards: All

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