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Project "Maiden's bedroom " . Part 2. Valance.

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Uploaded: 14th May 2013 at 9:19 PM
Updated: 13th Jan 2014 at 11:19 PM
Hi! The Project "Maiden's bedroom" continues! Now I did caramel and rose-lilac recolors of La Boheme Valance (mesh by HolySimoly).

Bedding, which I used for all screenshots, is not included in this set, you can get it here .
Valance is used with a double bed. Mesh looks as shown in the screenshot. Valance looks wonderful with some Maxis beds

But I recommend that to you download lovely bed here

P.S. Wow!!!! I was given a wonderful link! Many, many thanks!!! There is a single version of La Boheme Valance (slaved to this one). My recolors look great with it. I am pleased to share with you this link: take single version at sims2artist

Set includes
1. Rose-lilac recolors - I made 12 fabric recolors,

4 lace recolors and 1 invisible lace recolor

2. Caramel recolors - I made 12 fabric recolors and 4 lace recolors

Choose, download and enjoy.

About meshes:
Mesh is not included. You should download mesh here

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HolySimoly for Beautiful mesh.