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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2013 at 4:31 PM

A metro-styled complete game center (or game lounge if you prefer) on a 2x2 lot for your Downtown hood, or any neighborhood that you prefer for that matter. I went for a slick, monochromatic design with lots of vertical rectangles (oooh! vertical rectagles!). I sacrificed landscaping to maximize the space, giving it spacious floor layouts since Sims are a bit dumb when it comes to getting around.

Games Included:
  • 2 Arcade Machines
  • 3 Pinball Machines
  • 3 PCs
  • 1 Electro Dance Sphere
  • 1 Maxis Game Simulator & a big LED TV.
  • 1 table game each (chess, poker, mahjong, Don't Wake the Llama)
  • 1 pool table
  • 1 dart board
  • 1 karaoke machine
  • 1 Myshuno Party Game

Ok so I left some stuff like the bowling alley. Not so complete after all. Cut me some slack, that thing is pretty darn long!

Floor Details
Wanna see me ramble? Press that spoiler button.

The business runs on an Electrono Ticket Machine which I included as well as the Open/Closed sign. Some bathroom fixtures might need cleaning. Yeah, you guessed it: I've been playing this lot for ages before I decided to upload it. How's that for playtesting?

Well, that's that. Hope you like it.

Custom Contents

Distribution Rules
DO NOT UPLOAD TO ANY PAY SITES. It's shared for free and that's how it'll be. Other than that you can do pretty much anything with it.

Nature of Business: Game Center
Minimum Staff Required: 2
Levels: 2
Playtested: Yes.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: ยง96,776