University Archaeology Major

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This major is ideal for a renaissance neighbourhood, and was created to fit just that.

In the renaissance the worlds focus shifted from being heavily influenced by religion, to suddenly wondering what everything really was about. So in this way, the more naturescientific studies became more important.

And that's where archaeology comes in!

Perfect for your royalty and nobility, a perfectly useless major for rich children

The typo in the picture has been fixed as of update 1.

In order to choose this major in-game, you must either use the boolprop cheat, or download Majors Made Easy; by FrickaC.

Information about the major:
Archaeology: the study of the forgotten. Everyone knows that there was something before them, but the archaeologist takes it one step further, and decides to find proof in the form of old toilet pots and broken legs.

Burial Grounds: What are bones and why they are important
Ancient Creatures: Why these bones might belong to a dragon
Simanderthals: The primitive tribal era
Artifacts: This rock is important for our culture!
Mammoths: Studies of a well-preserved dead animal
Patterns in rocks and their importance
Archaeological theory: Dig carefully, lest you should break something
Archaeological methods: How to use a shovel

Skill points needed to graduate:
Cleaning 5
Mechanical 4
Body 4
Logic 3
Creativity 2
Charisma 1
Cooking 1

Please enjoy the major, and let me know what you think of it! ^_^