What a (Mowed) Lawn!

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Uploaded 17th Jun 2014 at 6:08 PM · Updated 17th Jun 2014 at 10:04 PM by Kankritty

Here is my first terrain cover made in Homecrafter, revised especially for you lot!

Cloned from base game white flower terrain
(As this was my first time using Homecrafter - no the wallpaper was NOT my first creation in HC - I cloned it from the white flowers because I wasn't sure of a new template)

Have some Valessa Fruering firedancing to show you the size of her compared to the terrain cover, which comes out to be realistic, as it will look silly if the grass texture was too big for her
I have included the grids in both pictures, to show you what the grass looks like with the grids in build/buy mode. Of course I've got pictures without the grids.

Grass cut down to ensure safety. Protective bodywear may or may not be necessary.
Adult supervision required and flowers definitely not included.

Additional Credits:
Delphy for MTS
EA/Maxis for TS2 and Homecrafter
Microsoft for MSPaint, which helped me make the flooring
corvidophile2 for the cobblestones that somehow got the cut

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