Veranka's Bayside Kitchen in AL Wood Colours

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Uploaded 28th Jul 2014 at 8:19 AM · Updated 30th Apr 2022 at 9:12 AM by Michelle : Added MESHES

Veranka's Bayside Kitchen Set in AL wood colours. Many thanks to amythestfenix for the 3 extra wood colours & Veranka for the Bayside conversion.

MESHES are not included, this is the recolours only you will have to go to Veranka's live journal for the MESHES, many more recolours and relevant information by Veranka.

UPDATE April 2022: As the Download link to the MESHES by Veranka is not working I am including the MESHES along with my recolours.

Custom Content used in my screenshots: Bayside Kitchen by Veranka, Melaka Fruit Bowl by Moune and Craftsman Windows Expansion Set by tbudget.

Next 2 pictures are by Veranka and show all the MESHES available for the Bayside Kitchen, don't forget to grab the MESHES HERE.

Files have been compressed and checked in game. Colour chart is included in the zip file.

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - Milkshape - UV Mapper - The Compressorizer - Maxis/EA Games and MTS.
Veranka, Moune and tbudget for the custom content used in my screenshots.
amythestfenix for extra wood colours and for allowing me to use them.
Many thanks to Veranka for converting this set also for her pictures used in this post.