Britney 'Jean' Spears

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2014 at 7:26 PM
Updated: 13th Aug 2014 at 8:58 PM - fixed cc link and spoiler tag
Hey everyone! Bringing you someone 'special' today!....

''.. It's Britney, B**** ''

This lovely sim I made doesn't really need an introduction, she's the iconic Pop Princess from the 90's with one of the most succesful careers in Pop History: Miss Britney Spears.
Britney Spears (1981) is well known from her many top-of-the-charts hits such as 'Baby One More Time' , 'Oops.. I did it Again', 'Slave 4 U', 'Circus', and most recent 'Perfume' .
She started out in the Mickey Mouse club in the early 90's, to become a teen pop sensation at the age of sixteen, releasing her debut album ''Baby One More Time''. Britney is well known for her blonde hair and brown eyes, dance moves, lip sync performances and controversial moments in her career, such as kissing Madonna on stage. She has had some trouble with the media in the past but is now at a calm place and is currently writing an EP album as a follow up to 2013's '' Britney Jean ''.
With 15-plus years of chart-topping hits under her belt, Britney is back and better than ever in her Planet Hollywood Las Vegas show, Britney: Piece of Me.
The show is currently doing extremely well, selling out on almost each leg of the show. This is her first residency, after finishing six succesful tours over the last fifteen years.
I have seen a lot of lovely sims around that all were a spot on resemblance of Britney... In her younger days. I haven't seen a single sim around that has the recent 'Britney-look' and all the plastic surgery she had done on her nose, lips and eyelids over the last few years. So I decided to make a recent version of Britney, from her ''Britney Jean Era''. This sim has all real-britney proportions, so both her body and face are based on the real Britney. Scary, right?

((Looks above were based on Britney's People Choice Awards 2014 Look))

Sim is created and made with the latest update 1.67 (Which I think will be the last update as well)

This sim is saved with default skin, but with the other CC shown
- Skintone (NOT INCLUDED) by Rock The Sims Italy - Non Default Prima Skin

- Eyebrows by Ace Creators - Heavensent curved Eyebrows
- Nose Blush by Modern_Lover Nose-mask 1
- Lunar Eyes by Lunararc
- Lipstick by Mochi029 Pale Lipstick v3 without shine
- 3D Eyelashes by Club Prive TS3 Eyelash Number 3

Sliders Used On Sim
Please note the sliders are just used to create the sim. You can download the sim without any sliders, but you will need the sliders listen below if you want to modify her face in your own game.

- Eyeball, nose tip, and ear Slider by OneEuroMutt
- Lip Fatness Slider by Jasumi
- Waist Slider by Jonha (Waist slider only)

Please enjoy and happy simming!

Additional Credits:
Rock The Sims italy, Lunararc, Cazy, Newsea, Anubis, Peggy, mochi029, The sims 3 store, Club Prive, Jonha, Modern_Lover, Ace Creators, OneEuroMutt,

And most of all: The people who helped me at the Creator Feedback Forum who helped me so much to improve Britney to the great resemblance she has now!